Kneecapping? Na… take out his ankle!

So there I was… fresh and clean out of the shower and ready to take on the world (or my pillow, let’s be honest here)… when I noticed on the wall a giant, 14 legged, venom dripping spider lurking on the wall! “I’m going to eat you, my precious,” it said very Gollum-y to me. “Not today, creep!” I declared! Let’s be honest here… you either kill it, or you’ll have to burn the house down! So I climbed onto the sink and braced myself against the wall for support. This would be an EXCELLENT time to mention that I recently got my cast off of my right wrist… you know, the wrist that I decided to support myself on the wall with… the wrist that still can’t support my entire body weight just yet (Okay, you get the picture here). I quickly kill the spider while contracting in pain in my wrist from too much weight on it, falling from the sink and landing on the jeans that I haphazardly left on the bathroom floor. My ankle made 3 distinct popping sounds and I screamed in horrible pain!

Until this year, I’ve never broken anything, but I’m making up for it in due time! So I start calling around to my neighbors trying to find a ride to the emergency room (mind you, it’s 11pm…) to no avail, and I hastily decide to hobble myself into the car and drive there. I’ve had much worse decisions in life, I promise you! The entire time that I’m in the doctor’s office, I’m sweating bullets, fearing that my ankle is broken and I will need to postpone my new job weeks (if not months!). The doctor comes in with the good news.. bad sprain and I’ll just need plenty of bed rest and elevation to get on my feet again in no time!

I spent the remainder of the week with my ankle propped up on pillows, laying in bed and playing World of Warcraft. Which, honestly, was perfect timing for this to happen because the new expansion had just been released. Don’t judge me, I already judge myself worse than you will! It’s been nearly a week now since I fell and I have gotten a lot of my mobility back, although it does hurt to move it too much. I’m just going to keep taking it easy other than necessary work and cleaning around the house until I start my new job in a few weeks!

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Life of the Party With Kidney Stones!

I’m sure that you, at some point in your life, have heard people talking at work or school about how “so and so” called in sick because they were passing a kidney stone. You probably thought to yourself, “What a woos! Those things are small and they are just being a baby about this!”. Let me be the first to tell you that those spiky little rocks conjured up by Satan alone are the most pain I have ever been through, and I’ve incurred my fair share of injuries and illnesses in my lifetime!

I started this journey when I was on deployment and got excessively dehydrated while working in our Engine room on a submarine (it was often hot boxed at around 110 degrees with no relief anywhere in sight). Normal human beings would just drink more water, but Submariners don’t have the luxury of places to relieve ourselves during our 6 hours standing the watch, which coupled with only 12 hours after watch to do all of your maintenance, studying, collateral duties etc., you tend to not live up to the definition of a well hydrated individual! So, there I was doubled over in pain in the Doc’s office, screaming bloody murder about things that can’t be described here without a mature label being slapped onto my blog, when he pricks me with a needle in my lower back out of nowhere! I was stunned at first! As I’m about to yell (ask politely) what he just did, all of the pain was gone… I was feeling amazing! Unfortunately, I was unable to pass this stone within the time that makes home port medical comfortable, so I was taken off the boat and brought home until I could pass it on my own.

Fast-forward 9 years later and I have had about 1 stone episode a year (on average), with some years having none at all. What was the cause of those years without stones? I wasn’t actively losing weight. It would figure that the one thing that is good for you is also bad for your body if done in the wrong ways. It’s proven that obesity and extreme weight loss strategies put you at risk of kidney stones by the National Kidney Foundation (1). High-protein, low-carb diets can cause uric acid buildup due to excessive protein! Well dang… if I would have known that almost a decade ago, I would have been a lot more vigilant in preventing these from starting!

My situation is a bit extreme due to the frequency that I can get them now as a result of prior episodes, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you if you don’t take precautions! If you are worried about your diet potentially causing these prickly urine cacti, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to make recommendation on what you can do to prevent them. It would be better to be safe than royally hating everything about your left or right side for a couple of weeks a year!

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We Love To Cheat On Ourselves…

You lick your lips, savoring the remnants of your most recent indulgence. While your brain chemistry feels satisfied and pleased by your conquest, something deep inside you hates you for what you’ve just done. You’ve just finished chowing down on a giant-sized, double bacon, onion and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese (what were you thinking? Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Today’s topic is all about the juicy secret that you are hiding from your friends… you cheated on your diet and you loved it! Cheating is all part of life. We cheat on friends, animals (but they catch you every time and are shaming you while you sleep…), taxes (did you REALLY donate 5k worth of cloths to Goodwill last year… come on…), and some people cheat on each others that we are with. So it would make complete sense for us to also cheat on our diets since we are nothing but human; well, you are, I’m a god of fat shedding efficiency and infallible…

Psychologists and dietitians are always discussing the causes and implications of our cheating behaviors when it comes to weight loss vs a lifestyle change. Those on a strict diet can’t afford to cheat because of a medical condition that they are trying to rectify or mitigate, while others that are doing it for themselves have some leeway. Some dietitians believe that allowing yourself to fall off the wagon often actually encourages weight loss due to it not having a negative and shameful chemical reaction in someone’s brain that makes them fall into a state of depression (and we all know we love our fudge bars and Netflix when we are feeling down!). The more strict dietitians don’t agree with the psychology aspect of needing to cheat on a diet, though, so it’s important to consult with your doctor if you are on a  strict eating schedule before going off the deep end with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

But for those of us that are just dieting to lose weight because we want to enjoy our time around the lake on a warm sunny day without being asked to quit blocking the sun for everyone else, cheating on your diet has shown in most cases to HELP with your weight loss more than hinder it. There are many arguments going both ways on this subject, so I can only go on my personal experiences with it… I cheat at least once a week. The important part of cheating, though, is that it’s controlled and not overindulged on. There is nothing worse than a cheat day turning into a cheat month! It’s not that we need the food that we’re cheating with, but the mentality of not criminalizing the behavior of having a cheat day is what makes it something we don’t continuously rebound on.

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For The Love of Everything Holy, No More Chicken!

For anyone that has ever gotten serious about health and fitness, there will come a point where you are stuffing your face with calories that you can’t stomach anymore. The first thing that will come to any of our minds is… The Dreaded Chicken Breast of Bland Doom!

“But, Don! I LOVE chicken. Think of all the things you can make from a chicken breast!” Ah yes, you are correct… I often think of all of the amazing delicacies that I COULD be eating that are derived from a single chicken breast while I am eating it. “This could TOTALLY be a chicken nugget… minus the beaks and feet, of course….” I often think. The sad truth is that adding anything to a bland diet will increase the risk of not meeting your goals for your body; whether that be in the time that you’ve alloted yourself to meet a deadline for that sexy beach vacation or even at all. Sugars, starches, salts… they all add to the body chemistry that you are carefully managing to ensure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need plus the number of calories so you aren’t sabotaging yourself.

“But I can eat anything I want as long as the goes-ins are less than the goes-outs!” You are partially true with that statement. As far as math is concerned, if you eat fewer calories than you use, you will lose weight… sort of. It comes down to the quality of the calories more than the quantity for weight loss and muscle-building. While those of us that are trying to cut weight will focus on nutrient rich, low-calorie foods, those that are building a lot of muscle might decide instead to do some “dirty gains” by eating everything in sight in order to have enough calories to make muscle. A word of warning against this tactic… If you frequently eat junk food to gain muscle mass, it will have long-term negative consequences on your internal organs! It won’t matter how much you exercise, the stuff that is put into that kind of food is not healthy for our bodies on a regular basis.

So, as I sit here eating my 2nd chicken breast of the day so I don’t drop weight too quickly and I’m having a VERY hard time stomaching it due to how full I feel, I have to keep reminding myself… it’s better than being overweight, and it’s always better than going to bed hungry!

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5 Simple Things You Can Do Now That Will Pay Off

At one point or another, we will all become victims of our own self desires over what is going to be the best for us. Afterall, why drive the speed limit for 10 hours when going 10 over will get you there in 8 or 9? Below is my list of top 5 things that you can do now that your body will love you for later!

Quit Smoking

While there is adequate science that shows that smoking, or at least the nicotine FROM smoking, is an excellent appetite suppressant, there are DEFINITELY reasons for you to put them down for good if you intend to live a healthy and long life! Quitting will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, mouth cancer and will even make your dating life seem a lot more fruitful (no one likes kissing a smoke bomb or sleeping next to an ash tray, after all). According to the 2013 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the health benefits of quitting grossly outweigh any negative impacts of gaining 5 to 10 pounds during the quitting. So put it down! Who knows, maybe your children (past, present or future) will thank you!

Drink Water

Like it or not, humans are made up of 60 percent water. This makeup is responsible for things such as digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintaining your body temperature. Drinking sugary products such as sodas, energy drinks and fruit drinks that aren’t freshly squeezed don’t actually quench the thirst that your body requires, but it does put a LOT of stress on your internal organs and also wreaks havoc on your insulin levels (diabetes, anyone?). The old adage of “drink 8 glasses of water a day” has been debunked many time, but you should definitely have some water when your body says that it’s thirsty. Drinking more water instead of sugary products will cut out unnecessary calories (sugar makes you MORE hungry instead of less, but water fills you up), improve the functioning of your internal organs and also cut back on trips to the dentist/doctor (who doesn’t want more money every month for themselves?? Water is free-30!)


Look, I get it. Everyone is getting tired of being told to get off their butts and do something. I’m one of those people! But let’s face it… exercise is VITAL to us as human beings. Not only does it help you lose body fat, but weight training and moderate cardiovascular activity are crucial to the human body’s ability to regulate many unique hormones and enzymes! Exercise programs mixed with a well-balanced diet will help alleviate depression and anxiety, reduces the risk of developing many different diseases (heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes… see a pattern here?), helps to build and maintain healthy bones/muscles/joints as well as looking better on the beach. I mean… that’s why I work out, what’s your reasoning?

Cut out the alcohol

Alright, I’m looking at all of my closest friends at the bar with this one.  Alcohol is delicious, and god do I love a good bourbon on a Friday night after a long week at work. But, there is more and more evidence every day that links the amount that we drink to many different types of cancer, weight gain and psychological problems. With its ability to be a social lubricant and perpetual voice of unreasonable words/actions, it goes without saying that it can lead to some problems in your social life with family and friends when used in excess. Alcohol also spikes blood sugar levels and has been shown to have negative effects on those that have or are at risk of becoming diabetic. Bottom line… if you’re serious about taking control of your health, alcohol is one thing that you can afford to abstain from (at least until a cheat day 😉 ).

No more fast food

This one is a complete no brainer. Fast food has been linked to a myriad of problems and diseases when it comes to our bodies. These include the following (in no particular order…) : Headaches, depression, acne, dental problems, heart disease, stroke, shortness of breath, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, blood sugar spikes/insulin resistance, bloating, digestion problems… If this doesn’t sound like a commercial for a new drug that it’s side effects will kill you, nothing will! Why in the heck do we do this to ourselves knowing these problems? Because fast food tastes so sinfully DELICIOUS! Why? Because it’s loaded with sugar to make you crave it! Quitting fast food by those that eat it daily have described similar withdrawal symptoms to people who are overcoming cocaine addiction. According to a study accomplished by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fast food addiction stimulates the same neurobiological pathways that are implicated in drug abuse. That being said, kicking this habit is a lot harder in our society where food addiction is as easy as driving through a drive-thru window. It’s easier, faster and more convenient than cooking for ourselves, and that has brought us to the point where we actually need to conduct studies like this one to determine how bad it is for us. Not only does it make you unhealthy, but it triggers the reward centers of our brain to stimulate a desire to eat more of that food when you are unhappy, depressed or even just bored. Quitting fast food will be the number one best thing you will  do for your body, but the problem is that it will be one of the hardest things you have done for yourself!

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Why Depression Makes Weight Loss a Struggle

Depression is like a dirty 4 letter word. Those that don’t understand it think negatively of those that do while those that do fear the negative feedback of those that don’t. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, really!

16.2 million (that’s right, million) Americans (or 6.9 percent of the entire population) suffer from at least 1 depression episode a year that is categorized as major ( Of that statistic, at least 25 percent are deemed as psychotic episodes requiring hospitalization. Why is this important when discussing weight loss, though?! Depression and obesity go hand in hand according to research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. In there research, they have discovered that  “obesity status was related to peer victimization in younger youth (11 to 14 year olds). A meta-analysis of cross-sectional studies between 1978 and 1997 found that victimization is strongly related to depression” (Janssen I, Craig WM, With that correlation in mind, adults that suffer from at least mild/moderate bullying as adolescents tend to still carry the emotional scars of their bullying as adults.

Those scars manifest in different ways, though. Some become successful business leaders. Some become fitness models or Olympians. Unfortunately, quite a few become alcoholics (at least moderate in that term, but you get the idea when you walk down the street on trash day and you see the same houses with recycling bins full of cheap wine bottles..). Depression and physical health are something that seem to go hand in hand in this respect. Those that suffer often turn to the bottle as a means of dealing with their demons in their own way, often because they would rather be selfish than ask for help from others. That depressive attitude is what brings us to the struggle.

The struggle being weight loss and control. Alcohol is a sugar, and the body LOVES sugar! Go out for dinner sometime and order the biggest dessert on the menu and you’ll understand afterwards; you feel happy, satisfied, then tired and ready to shut down. These feelings are purely chemical inside of the human body when it comes to how your body processes sugars, and alcohol is no different in this respect. It is the sugar that turns into glucose, which is then stored as fat inside of the body for that rainy day down the road. When that rainy day never comes due to how readily accessible food can be for us, that energy is never used and stays on us as visceral fat. This feeling, though, replaces the depression. It makes life so much more tolerable when you feel happy and satisfied because of the chemical reaction of sugar in your body, which then slowly turns into an addiction that is difficult to break away from.

The only way to get rid of this is to stop the cycle. If you are struggling with your weight but also struggle with depression, seeking help for that depression and removing things out of your life that contribute to negativity will GREATLY increase your chances of success in a healthier body in the long-term. I personally struggle with this aspect due to wanting to have people who I think can appreciate me only to find out that they only keep me around for their own personal gain. This is something that affects my personal life greatly and is hard for me to get through at times due to always wanting to see the best in people and trust them for face value. Unfortunately, I am finding out the hard way that human beings are complex, and they will always have their own motives that they have justified to themselves to be right, even if it wrongs another person that cares about them. My own personal battle that happened as a  result of this realization led me to a 2 day set back in my own goals for my body (but MAN is corn whiskey delicious!), but realizing that not everyone in my life will do this is a big step in the direction to getting over it and moving forward as a great man who only deserves the best, especially where I only give my best to those around me!

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I Have Failed (and why it’s okay)

This post is very personal. If you do not wish to read this type of posting, feel free to walk away. This posts discusses some of the harder things that I have gone through and is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I attempt to approach the topic with some humility and humor.


It’s a word that over 90 million people in the United States alone consider themselves every time that they look into the mirror. It’s the look of disappointment in not being the body type that they want to be, but are unsure of what they are or are not doing that is preventing them from being that person that they dream of. It’s the disgusted look that you give yourself when you see how much you binged the night before on a “cheat day”, and the constant reminder that it’s probably going to be a cheat week… followed by a cheat month. The word “failure” creates a cascading effect, and it’s one that so many people have a hard time recovering from.

I’m a failure. Saying those words out loud gives a negative connotation that you cannot recover from what you did wrong and are doomed to never be able to change; or does it? I personally have failed in my own goals in life. I’m divorced, bull-headed/difficult to deal with in a relationship aspect, have unrealistic and somewhat toxic views of who I want in my life (don’t we all at times???), I refuse to settle for less than I think that I am afforded, quit the first career I ever had to pursue something better (that’s a work in progress, I’d like to think!!), I take my closest friends for granted but am forever grateful for their love and support (and strong kicks to my junk from time to time), and I am overweight. Let’s forget the rest of all of that and focus on my gut, though!

I have struggled with my weight for a while now. I wasn’t even aware that I had a problem until 2010 when I weighed in at a whopping 310 pounds! I knew that I couldn’t keep that up and keep my military career, so I was hell-bent on only having half a pizza a night instead of the whole thing.. funny enough, that didn’t work out. So, I dieted and started forcing myself to walk/jog a 5k every day. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I found that my body was able to move faster, that I had more agility and that I could have some endurance. By the end of that month, I was jogging (ish) for the entire 5k. Within 2 months, I was down to 210 pounds. By the time weigh ins came around for my Navy Physical Assessment Test, I was 190 pounds. I smoked that test! I became a long distance runner for about 2 years because of this and it became my escape from all of the problems I had in my life, and pretty soon I stopped dealing with them all together.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I failed at this point. Because it sure sounds like a success story, right? I started to struggle with some inner demons when I was faced with a major career shift in the Navy and I turned back to drinking and eating comfort food. I still ran often, but I was self medicating instead of leaving the problems on the roads. I put a large strain on my marriage because I refused to seek help for this, and it ultimately led me down a very dark road that I almost didn’t come back from. It didn’t matter how good I was at my career, how much recognition from my superiors, how much support I had at home or the appreciation my subordinates occassionally gave me. I was a failure without redemption. As a result, I was divorced, separated from the Navy (on good terms!), up to my shoulders in debt that I couldn’t see my way out of, the bar was my second home, and I had a long string of relationships where I didn’t appreciate the women that wanted to help me get through this phase of my life. I ultimately saw myself as a failure that couldn’t be helped or saved. The mountain of depression eventually buried me and I gave into the thought that I wasn’t worth anything and would never get out of it.

I probably wouldn’t have made it out of this alive if it weren’t for a few people in my life at that point, and I’ll talk about them briefly here. Lexi and Danny, you two were there when I made some of the hardest choices and went through some of the most difficult moments in my life during this period. You were there for me with my dad during and after my divorce court date, when I gave up the most amazing dog to a couple that could be better owners at the time and to help ease my transition into the civilian world. I owe you both debts that I feel are impossible to ever repay. Misty was the first real attempt at a relationship after my divorce, and she showed me that it  was ok to struggle, but to open up and talk about that struggle so that I can move forward. Your friendship and want to help me ended up being the catalyst to our close friendship, but your loving and caring self is the biggest reason why I’m still here today. Aaron and Dakota were roommates during this phase at one point or another, and probably some of the best people to talk to during a long night of drinking. They were also fun to be annoyed with in one way or another, too. Your candid friendships with me gave me some of the most endearing memories that I won’t soon forget! My family and close friends ultimately saved me from being unrecoverable, and they refused to let me give up or surrender. Just because I don’t name someone by name doesn’t make them any less important in the process of me growing out of who I was to who I am now. So if you’re reading this and are disappointed to not see your name here, it’s definitely not because I forgot about you!

Why am I telling you ALL of this stuff? Well, I’m open about it. It’s part of my past that I can never change, but I also would never want to. The point is, I failed! But it’s not about the failure that defines who we are, even though a lot of people eventually allow themselves to do so. It’s about what we do to move forward and learn that makes us stronger, healthier and happier. If I could change things, I would in some respects (being a better husband, being able to get help when things were getting overwhelming, treated my friends better in the past… you know, simple things that aren’t so simple at the time).  But all of this is to emphasize one important thing. I failed, and it’s ok.

So let’s fast forward to an amazing friend and his desire to see me happy. I got my license for a motorcycle and  was ready to hit the road! Problem? I didn’t have a bike! My friend gifted me his and even put in countless hours making sure that it was ready for the road. I was all set; had all of my safety gear, some awesome biker sunglasses and an attitude that could shake Clint Eastwood in a staring match. So how do you think this ended? That’s right, I wrecked the bike avoiding someone crossing over the median in a curve. Some road rash, a couple of broken ribs and a broken wrist later, and I’m back to where I was… angry at myself and full of self loathing. I managed to get back up to 230 pounds (which was the largest I had been in 8 years at that point!) and decided “No more” (in a very Doctor Who tone, if you can imagine).

I’ve been at this for going on 6 weeks now, and I’m averaging 2-3 pounds a week at this point without exercise. I have cheated on my lifestyle change and have rebounded slightly here and there, but I have been consistent about getting back onto it as soon as I can. It’s not glamorous, but it’s enough to see results and to share my experiences. I started to talk to my friends again about the things that I felt, my desires and even goals during this time and was encouraged to start writing. I definitely shrugged off the suggestion because, “Who wants to read what I have to say?!”, but over time the idea really intrigued me. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’m not stranger to failure, so why not? And here we are… one incredibly long and very transparent look through the looking-glass at who I am and why I’m here. I very much hope that anyone that reads this can look at themselves and see that their own failures don’t have to be the worst things about them, but more motivational nudges to try harder the next time.Without those failures, how will we ever know that we need to do more, shake it up or try something different to reach our desired results? Life is never an easy, one way or straight road. Sometimes we have to take the side streets to not get stuck in traffic for a while.

Suicide is never the answer. If you or someone you know struggles with their inner demons, please get them to get help or at least confide in someone that they trust.

The National Suicide Hotline : 1-800-273-TALK

Why are we fat?

Bear with me on my first post. This one is going to be a little more “literary” than entertaining or informative.

The biggest question that experts ask when it comes to obesity in the U.S. is “Why?”. In 1991, the obesity/overweight rate in America was at 12 percent, a number that has nearly doubled in the current day at 20 percent and is on track to triple in the next decade. That number is alarming, but in the last 20 years, the percentage of young people that are overweight as nearly doubled as well. We’ve all heard that being overweight comes with a myriad of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and hypertension (just to name a few).

So, to reiterate the question above… why? What causes us to choose a lifestyle over time that encourages us to be unhealthy for the rest of our lives, and what can we do to mitigate those choices for better ones? Why do we as Americans seem to celebrate those that choose to stay unhealthy and not encourage them to be better to themselves? All great questions! So glad you asked!

We have definitely been led into an inactive lifestyle due to technology, advances in transportation, automation of manual labor… all are quick tickets to easing into a sedentary lifestyle. On top of these, we are bombarded DAILY with so much advertisement for unhealthy foods. Take a walk down any street in a major city and you’ll see amazing food on signs, just begging for you to sink your teeth into. But with these small points in the bigger picture, why still are we choosing to eat those things and to not stay active?

Comfort. We are all fed a lie from a young age that being comfortable is a good thing. That living a life that is free from discomfort should be the life that we all strive for. We have traded pain, sacrifice and exhaustion for complete comfort in every facet of our daily lives. Why cook that delicious and healthy meal when you can grab a frozen dinner out of the freezer or drive thru on your way to work/home? Why walk across town when you can quickly drive there instead (after all, walking gives you blisters…)? Why do something that you can pay someone else to do for you? We are inheritably lazy, and it’s getting worse as time goes by when we have created a society that encourages that laziness. This isn’t to say that some people DO have legitimate medical problems that prevent maintaining a healthy weight, but 20 percent of the population is a bit much to argue that point without putting some of the responsibility on the individual and their choices that got them to that point.

Why does this matter? Identifying the pattern in ourselves that fuels us to stay inactive, to eat the crappily unhealthy foods and prevents us from losing unnecessary body fat is the first step in overcoming those obstacles. Take a moment to think about what your excuses are for why you are doing these things and feel free to leave a comment. Admitting them out loud holds yourself accountable for the future success that you will achieve with discipline and support from this community!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This site will be all about simple nutrition and exercise for weight loss as well as diving into different topics involved with obesity and the struggle we as human beings face with it. I am VERY excited to share my thoughts, experiences and adventures with others and I hope to inspire people to embark on their own journey with their own fitness and dietary needs. So sit back and enjoy my writings, pictures and videos!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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