Louisville Review

I figured that this would be a great time to talk about my traveling adventures… and what a better way than to review different places that I experience while on these work trips! Louisville is DEFINITELY a place that I enjoyed. But not for the reasons that most people likely would.


We should start with what I didn’t do while I was here (and I will get some flak for it). I didn’t go on a 6 day bender of amazing whiskey. Sorry, but that’s not really a thing for me anymore. Did I enjoy some whiskey on the first night? Absolutely! And some of the local distilleries do an AMAZING job with what they do with their whiskeys these days! But I didn’t want to go to the whiskey capital of the south and not experience other things that this area has to offer!


The airport here is not a large one. You would think that with such a large area out here that this would be a major airport, but it’s relatively small when you look at other ones such as Atlanta and Detroit. That being said, their signage and customer service is not great for rental vehicles and getting to and from here. As far as rentals, 2 weeks in a row they gave my reservation away when I arrived at the time that I rented for and had to upgrade my reservation to something else. I won’t complain TOO much about this, but it’s something to be aware of with Avis at the very least. The vehicles smelled like marijuana, which I am unsure of if it’s legal here or not. If not, it would have been miserable to get pulled over!


I made a trip out to Harrod’s Creek Trail while I was here to enjoy some personal time away from people, and I was NOT disappointed. Even though it had rained for a week straight, the amount of mud on the trails was bearable. There weren’t many people out on the trails, so the isolation was very nice and the sites to see on trails in this area are worth going out of your way for!


On our first night out, we all piled in for a night at Drake’s. The environment in the place was inviting, the service was amazing and spot on, and the food was amazing for it being a bar type of place. They had many selections of whiskeys to choose from as well as a large variety of different foods. If you’ve never had southern BBQ or biscuits and gravy, then you are DEFINITELY missing out if you don’t do so while you’re here!

Final thoughts

I would definitely love to return to Louisville in the future to go to museums like the Louisville Slugger museum downtown. Unfortunately, my work trip did not give me enough time to venture that far out of the way, but I will have to return to at least hit that one up down the road! The people and food here are great if you can look past how a lot of the area looks from the outside. Don’t let the traffic here deter you from venturing out and exploring what this area has to offer!


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