Where My Travels Have Taken Me, And Why I Made The Move That I Did

So, after a complete debacle that involved a shady moving broker that represented itself as the moving company itself (and cost me WAY more than I wanted…), I said my goodbyes to my home and old roommate/close friend and got on the road for my 2 day adventure with my trusting (maybe too trusting) navigator in tow.

44065485_10156820911624382_8633094761307176960_n Here she is neglecting her duties, as usual

A full day later (and only 4 hours of sleep due to running into a snow storm in Montana and not wanting to get stuck there), we made it to our new home in Minnesota! Well, home-ish… we had to stay with my parents for a few days while I waited to close on my home that I was in the middle of purchasing. Luckily, they have a VERY comfortable bed for us to put our heads (and paws) down on! We have been in the new home for almost 2 weeks now, but are still living on an air mattress and office equipment that was bought by my company in order to keep working. HOPEFULLY will be getting my home filled this week if the delivery company delivers… hopefully…

But, this isn’t about the destination, but the journey. I have had a lot of people criticize my decision to move home to Minnesota, especially to such an out-of-the-way location such as Thief River Falls. Truth be told, staying in Washington just wasn’t something that I could keep doing anymore. The thought of potentially running into my past there filled me with such anxiety that I would have to force myself outside so I wouldn’t be a prisoner of my neighborhood and what felt comfortable at the time. Some people are able to keep moving forward in their lives after divorce, but my life seemed to sit stagnant, unable to emotionally move past, what was at that point, my past. Sure, I had dated some great women that I wasn’t ready for or vice versa, but I just couldn’t and wouldn’t move forward if I stayed there any longer, and my closest friends that knew me well enough commented on this problem on a somewhat regular basis (along with “Stop working so much”).

So I made that choice and followed through on it. I even gave up a somewhat good relationship in the process (though I wasn’t capable of seeing it as such at the time). I started looking for a new job, informed my supervisor of my intentions (which he fully supported and often tried to help me find federal employment out here so that I wouldn’t have to leave that behind), interviewed and ultimately accepted my new position. I found a beautiful house, got the offer accepted, then moved out of my home in Washington to make this a completed journey.

I made this choice to be closer to the friends and family that I cared about the most, as well as try to mend some broken ties with extended family and friends that I have lost touch with through the years for one reason or another. So far, though, I do feel a little alienated from some friends that I expected probably too much from. I think that, in my head at least, I saw moving home as this grand event and that I would have many people who would make themselves available on evenings and weekends to go out and do things with. The reality is that people have kids, jobs, lives… and I only have one of those to take my time up with. I think that I got caught up in unimportant aspects of moving home and forgot the one thing that was most important.

I moved home to find myself, not to get lost again.

Here’s a parting video of Lilly finding the car after a foggy morning walk.


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