Kneecapping? Na… take out his ankle!

So there I was… fresh and clean out of the shower and ready to take on the world (or my pillow, let’s be honest here)… when I noticed on the wall a giant, 14 legged, venom dripping spider lurking on the wall! “I’m going to eat you, my precious,” it said very Gollum-y to me. “Not today, creep!” I declared! Let’s be honest here… you either kill it, or you’ll have to burn the house down! So I climbed onto the sink and braced myself against the wall for support. This would be an EXCELLENT time to mention that I recently got my cast off of my right wrist… you know, the wrist that I decided to support myself on the wall with… the wrist that still can’t support my entire body weight just yet (Okay, you get the picture here). I quickly kill the spider while contracting in pain in my wrist from too much weight on it, falling from the sink and landing on the jeans that I haphazardly left on the bathroom floor. My ankle made 3 distinct popping sounds and I screamed in horrible pain!

Until this year, I’ve never broken anything, but I’m making up for it in due time! So I start calling around to my neighbors trying to find a ride to the emergency room (mind you, it’s 11pm…) to no avail, and I hastily decide to hobble myself into the car and drive there. I’ve had much worse decisions in life, I promise you! The entire time that I’m in the doctor’s office, I’m sweating bullets, fearing that my ankle is broken and I will need to postpone my new job weeks (if not months!). The doctor comes in with the good news.. bad sprain and I’ll just need plenty of bed rest and elevation to get on my feet again in no time!

I spent the remainder of the week with my ankle propped up on pillows, laying in bed and playing World of Warcraft. Which, honestly, was perfect timing for this to happen because the new expansion had just been released. Don’t judge me, I already judge myself worse than you will! It’s been nearly a week now since I fell and I have gotten a lot of my mobility back, although it does hurt to move it too much. I’m just going to keep taking it easy other than necessary work and cleaning around the house until I start my new job in a few weeks!

Feel free to follow me on Facebook through my fitness and health group, where like-minded people are there to give each other motivation and support, even during difficult/trying times in their lives!


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