We Love To Cheat On Ourselves…

You lick your lips, savoring the remnants of your most recent indulgence. While your brain chemistry feels satisfied and pleased by your conquest, something deep inside you hates you for what you’ve just done. You’ve just finished chowing down on a giant-sized, double bacon, onion and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese (what were you thinking? Get your minds out of the gutter!)

Today’s topic is all about the juicy secret that you are hiding from your friends… you cheated on your diet and you loved it! Cheating is all part of life. We cheat on friends, animals (but they catch you every time and are shaming you while you sleep…), taxes (did you REALLY donate 5k worth of cloths to Goodwill last year… come on…), and some people cheat on each others that we are with. So it would make complete sense for us to also cheat on our diets since we are nothing but human; well, you are, I’m a god of fat shedding efficiency and infallible…

Psychologists and dietitians are always discussing the causes and implications of our cheating behaviors when it comes to weight loss vs a lifestyle change. Those on a strict diet can’t afford to cheat because of a medical condition that they are trying to rectify or mitigate, while others that are doing it for themselves have some leeway. Some dietitians believe that allowing yourself to fall off the wagon often actually encourages weight loss due to it not having a negative and shameful chemical reaction in someone’s brain that makes them fall into a state of depression (and we all know we love our fudge bars and Netflix when we are feeling down!). The more strict dietitians don’t agree with the psychology aspect of needing to cheat on a diet, though, so it’s important to consult with your doctor if you are on a  strict eating schedule before going off the deep end with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

But for those of us that are just dieting to lose weight because we want to enjoy our time around the lake on a warm sunny day without being asked to quit blocking the sun for everyone else, cheating on your diet has shown in most cases to HELP with your weight loss more than hinder it. There are many arguments going both ways on this subject, so I can only go on my personal experiences with it… I cheat at least once a week. The important part of cheating, though, is that it’s controlled and not overindulged on. There is nothing worse than a cheat day turning into a cheat month! It’s not that we need the food that we’re cheating with, but the mentality of not criminalizing the behavior of having a cheat day is what makes it something we don’t continuously rebound on.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my discussion on cheating on your diet! Please follow my blog here as well as my Facebook group linked below for further content!



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