For The Love of Everything Holy, No More Chicken!

For anyone that has ever gotten serious about health and fitness, there will come a point where you are stuffing your face with calories that you can’t stomach anymore. The first thing that will come to any of our minds is… The Dreaded Chicken Breast of Bland Doom!

“But, Don! I LOVE chicken. Think of all the things you can make from a chicken breast!” Ah yes, you are correct… I often think of all of the amazing delicacies that I COULD be eating that are derived from a single chicken breast while I am eating it. “This could TOTALLY be a chicken nugget… minus the beaks and feet, of course….” I often think. The sad truth is that adding anything to a bland diet will increase the risk of not meeting your goals for your body; whether that be in the time that you’ve alloted yourself to meet a deadline for that sexy beach vacation or even at all. Sugars, starches, salts… they all add to the body chemistry that you are carefully managing to ensure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need plus the number of calories so you aren’t sabotaging yourself.

“But I can eat anything I want as long as the goes-ins are less than the goes-outs!” You are partially true with that statement. As far as math is concerned, if you eat fewer calories than you use, you will lose weight… sort of. It comes down to the quality of the calories more than the quantity for weight loss and muscle-building. While those of us that are trying to cut weight will focus on nutrient rich, low-calorie foods, those that are building a lot of muscle might decide instead to do some “dirty gains” by eating everything in sight in order to have enough calories to make muscle. A word of warning against this tactic… If you frequently eat junk food to gain muscle mass, it will have long-term negative consequences on your internal organs! It won’t matter how much you exercise, the stuff that is put into that kind of food is not healthy for our bodies on a regular basis.

So, as I sit here eating my 2nd chicken breast of the day so I don’t drop weight too quickly and I’m having a VERY hard time stomaching it due to how full I feel, I have to keep reminding myself… it’s better than being overweight, and it’s always better than going to bed hungry!

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