Why are we fat?

Bear with me on my first post. This one is going to be a little more “literary” than entertaining or informative.

The biggest question that experts ask when it comes to obesity in the U.S. is “Why?”. In 1991, the obesity/overweight rate in America was at 12 percent, a number that has nearly doubled in the current day at 20 percent and is on track to triple in the next decade. That number is alarming, but in the last 20 years, the percentage of young people that are overweight as nearly doubled as well. We’ve all heard that being overweight comes with a myriad of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and hypertension (just to name a few).

So, to reiterate the question above… why? What causes us to choose a lifestyle over time that encourages us to be unhealthy for the rest of our lives, and what can we do to mitigate those choices for better ones? Why do we as Americans seem to celebrate those that choose to stay unhealthy and not encourage them to be better to themselves? All great questions! So glad you asked!

We have definitely been led into an inactive lifestyle due to technology, advances in transportation, automation of manual labor… all are quick tickets to easing into a sedentary lifestyle. On top of these, we are bombarded DAILY with so much advertisement for unhealthy foods. Take a walk down any street in a major city and you’ll see amazing food on signs, just begging for you to sink your teeth into. But with these small points in the bigger picture, why still are we choosing to eat those things and to not stay active?

Comfort. We are all fed a lie from a young age that being comfortable is a good thing. That living a life that is free from discomfort should be the life that we all strive for. We have traded pain, sacrifice and exhaustion for complete comfort in every facet of our daily lives. Why cook that delicious and healthy meal when you can grab a frozen dinner out of the freezer or drive thru on your way to work/home? Why walk across town when you can quickly drive there instead (after all, walking gives you blisters…)? Why do something that you can pay someone else to do for you? We are inheritably lazy, and it’s getting worse as time goes by when we have created a society that encourages that laziness. This isn’t to say that some people DO have legitimate medical problems that prevent maintaining a healthy weight, but 20 percent of the population is a bit much to argue that point without putting some of the responsibility on the individual and their choices that got them to that point.

Why does this matter? Identifying the pattern in ourselves that fuels us to stay inactive, to eat the crappily unhealthy foods and prevents us from losing unnecessary body fat is the first step in overcoming those obstacles. Take a moment to think about what your excuses are for why you are doing these things and feel free to leave a comment. Admitting them out loud holds yourself accountable for the future success that you will achieve with discipline and support from this community!


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